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On most plugs, there is a tiny arrow to indicate the positive wire. In the absence of an arrow, look at the color of the wires.

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  • My hat is off to the designers and engineers at Lii Audio and to Steve for turning the Decware forum members on to these amazing drivers.
  • We build our own full-range drivers based on our own proprietary design.
  • The Nest Audio also stumbled when asking for specific playlists from my Spotify account.
  • I thought I’d post my exploration and listening impressions of the Lii Audio F-15 drivers and purchase of a pair of Caintuck Audio Lii 15 baffles.
  • I also ran into some other frustrations trying to play music from my Spotify Premium account with voice commands.

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Colored wires are positive, while white and black wires are both ground. If you plug the power LED wires into where the power switch wires should go, for example, nothing will happen when you press your case’s power button.

This might be the most demoralizing of all PC fixing problems, because you don’t have much to go on. However, the fact that nothing happens is a clue in and of itself. Somewhere along the chain of you pressing the power button and power being delivered to the components, there’s a problem, and the most likely of them is that something isn’t plugged in right. Typically you don’t need to limit yourself to the handful of memory kits that your motherboard maker specifically qualified. However, you do need to make sure your choice of RAM is fully seated, as this is one of the common reasons why a PC fails to boot. Less critical for the power and reset switches is proper alignment of the positive and ground (or ‘negative’) wires. You still should aim to get these right though, as reversing the LED leads will result in the lights not working, which can hinder your ability to troubleshoot.

Fortunately, plugging them into the wrong spot won’t Hearthstone download harm your PC. Another option, and one that is quicker, is to try booting your system with just a single stick of RAM.

This only applies if you’re using two more memory modules as part of a dual-channel or quad-channel kit. If one of the sticks is bad, attempting to boot with one module at a time will narrow down the culprit by process of elimination. The same thing applies after a power outage or lightning storm.

Some power strips with built-in surge protection have a reset switch that needs to be pressed after absorbing a power surge. You can test if your surge protector or battery backup is the culprit easy enough—just plug a known working electronic into one of the sockets, like a lamp, and see if turns on. There are various reasons why an old PC will suddenly not turn on. Tripping over the power cord is one of them, but unless you sleepwalk, you’ll know if that’s the case. So, we’ll skip that one and jump right into five reasons why your old PC will no longer boot. One of the worst feelings is when a formerly reliable PC suddenly stops turning on.